Relia is a small edition book publication that documents a research project/exhibition with Brighton Centre for Contemporary Arts in 2021


The book is dos-à-dos bound (back-to-back), containing two sections, which have different page counts but are printed on different papers to create a balance in terms of weight and thickness across the publication as a whole. 


The first section features colour images of five object-paintings [Untitled (James) I-V]. The second contains installation images and a transcribed conversation between my dear friend Tom Laver (assistant curator of Southampton City Gallery) and myself. This includes an in-depth formal analysis of the works in the first section and a broader discussion of the subjectivities underlying my practice methodology.

This publication was generously funded by the University of Brighton Doctoral College. 

published by Studio James William Murray, March 2022

designed by Ashley Kinnard

softcover (dos-à-dos bound

digital printing
195 x 260 mm
34 pages
limited edition 30 copies

ISBN: 978-180068595-6

Realia + UK Shipping £35.00

Realia + INTERNATIONAL Shipping $53.00 / €47.00