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JWM: Pillows once shared with a former lover have covered with a delicate layer of copper leaf. Over time, they will develop a green verdigris – a second skin. They will become different objects. 

The titled Laid has three possible interpretations firstly, 'laid' being the past participle of lay, referring to the indentations left by reclining bodies; second, 'laying leaf' is the technical term used in gilding for applying metal to a surface; finally, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the idiom 'getting laid'.

These works are a kind of love letter to the late Cuban-American artist Félix González-Torres. In a 1991 untitled work, the artist displayed an image of his empty bed on billboards in various public places to blur lines between public and private spaces within the context of the AIDS crisis.


Laid, 2017, copper leaf on pillows, dimensions variable


Studio installation view, 2017


Work detail

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